Complete Collision Repair Services

A collision can be nerve-wracking, making you lose focus and control of the situation for some time. But after you calm down a bit after finding yourself and others safe, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? You get worried seeing the condition of your vehicle and get confused in choosing the collision repair center that will be best for your car. At Halton Auto Collision, we ensure that you do not need to worry about the damaged condition of your Car in the case of complete collision repair services or just a minor service. We are here to assist you with any type of auto-body damage. An accident can be the worst-case scenario that can put the driver or car owner in a stressful situation like sudden additional expenses, or confusion in finding the best collision repair center for the car.

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Restore your vehicle's glory with our complete collision repair services. Quality care for cars and trucks at your fingertips.


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Why Choose Halton Auto Collision Repair Center?

At our service center, we offer complete collision damage solutions for cars and trucks. We are committed to ensuring our customers can have their cars and trucks back on the road in pre-collision condition as quickly as possible.
1. Your Vehicle Will Be In A Safe And Skilled Technician’s Hand

Rest assured that you are already at Houlton Auto Collision Center. You have chosen the best service center for your vehicle. Your cars and trucks will be completely repaired in safe and skilled hands. Our technicians have great experience in working with any type of collision damage with great care and attention to detail. We can proudly ensure that our customers return their cars in the same condition as it was before the collision.

Your safety and security will always be our priority, which is why we take pride in providing high-skilled services not only for exceptional repairs but also to give our customers a stress-free experience.

2. We Use Advanced Types Of Equipment
At Halton, we use advanced state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to provide the highest quality service to meet our customers’ expectations. Our promise to provide excellence includes the use of advanced tools, ranging from simple evaluation tools to advanced machinery setup that facilitates efficient and accurate repairs. We understand that technological advancements will be easier and the best choice for our customers. Your safety and security will always be our priority, which is why we take pride in providing high-skilled services not only for exceptional repairs but also to give our customers a stress-free experience.
3. We Help With The Insurance Claim Process
We understand that the process of making an insurance claim can sometimes be complicated, but at Halton Auto Collision, our helpful team is always on hand to make making an insurance claim easier for our customers by understanding the intricacies of the entire process. We aim to give our customers a seamless experience in the vehicle damage repair process.
4. We Provide Our Customers With Complete Collision Repair Services
1. Towing
Emergencies never allow being prepared, so our towing services are always ready to assist our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We assure to help you, whether you are in the event of an accident or the car is going through any mechanical problem due to some chaos on the road. We promise to respond quickly and be at your service at any time, any place, with just a phone call.
2. Damage Assessment And Free Estimate
We believe that before starting any repair process it is necessary to analyze and evaluate the vehicle to know the efficiency of the damage caused to the health of the car. To repair the damage we can get a rough estimate of how much it will cost the customer to restore the vehicle to its previous condition.
3. Frame Repair And Replacement Of Auto Body Parts
When a car is involved in a major collision, the frame of your car can be so damaged that it becomes unsafe for you to drive it on the road. In this case, we suggest you replace the entire frame to ensure your safety. Additionally, at Holton, we also provide seamless replacement of damaged frames and other auto body parts with advanced equipment using high-quality components to restore the structural integrity of your car.
4. Dent Repair
Whether the collision is big or small, the chances of getting dents in the outer body of the car increase after the collision. Which will play an important role in spoiling the look of your car. Removing dents from a car requires highly skilled technicians and advanced equipment, which you will find intermittently.
5. Color Matching And Repainting If Needed
Throughout the collision repair and restoration process, minor parts of the car paint get damaged. Due to the deterioration of this paint, the finish of the car gets spoiled. To restore a car’s finish, a color matching process is used to match the car’s paint color or, if necessary, the entire car is repainted. Wax coating is also done on the car to protect its paint.
Your car deserves the best treatment as it is or will be your companion for every drive. Choose the best collision repair center for your car. At Halton Auto Collision, we would be proud to assist you when your car suffers some of the worst collision damage in many parts of Canada. If you ever need our help, don’t forget that we’re just a phone call away. Visit our site to get the best treatment for your car.


We specialize in complete collision repair for both passenger cars and trucks.
Yes, we provide free estimates for all our collision repair services.
The timeframe can vary, but we work efficiently to get you back on the road as soon as possible.
Yes, we can assist you with the insurance claims process to make it as smooth as possible.
We follow the highest safety standards to ensure your safety and satisfaction throughout the repair process.